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The WIRED Podcast team is looking for students to send in their thoughts and opinions of the past year, whether it’s about the lockdown uni experience, advice to first years, mistakes to avoid, best units to take, or anything else you want to share :smile: Record a 5-15 second audio snippet and send it over to us via email (, include your name and faculty if you want a shoutout in the bio or you can stay anonymous.


8. Fake it till you Bake it w/ Olliver Fontana

This week on WIRED_in we had the privilege of interviewing Monash Alumni and the Head of Analytics at Patties Foods, Olliver Fontana, to discuss career transitons, how to forge your own path, imposter syndrome at every stage of life, essential resume tips, and whether Ps really do get Degrees.

7. Deepfake or Fake Deep?

This week we're joined by Yashdeep Singh Dahiya, WIRED's Technical Officer, to discuss the struggles of completing a Masters Degree overseas, the infinite possibilities of having a large brain, and bond over our mutual fears of DeepFakes.

6. Rate the FIT - Unit Review

This week Edison joined by Gavin Douch and Devshi Janakantha to conduct our first ever Unit Reviews! Taking this opportunity to provide feedback (complain) about some Faculty of IT units we've taken in previous semesters, as well as indulge in Edison's fantasies of an Alien vs. Predator universe.

5. Match-Fixing? Or Do You Just Need To Get Good?

This week we're joined by Ethan Le to dive into the gaming community, discussing match-fixing, E-Sports wages, Twitch gambling controversies and Edison's poor fashion choices.

4. All Friendships Should be Contractually Bound

For the second episode in our Degree Exploration series we've invited Ananya Sehgal to discuss the importance of student activism, venturing into veganism, terrors of studying international relations, and some questionable personal ethics.

3. Doing Pharmacy is a Gateway Drug

For the first episode in our Degree Exploration series we've invited Riko Ngo, to talk to us about his massive brain, doing Pharmacy before Medicine, petty Taekwondo drama, and the hidden conspiracies behind Big Pharma.

2. (Almost) Failing Chemistry is a Personality Trait

This week we're joined by Devshi Janakantha, WIRED's Publications Director, to complain about finishing high school in lockdown, the desperate struggle to maintain friendships, and dreams being a doorway to an alternate reality (???)

1. FIT1047 lovers all hate Shakespeare

This week we sit down with WIRED President, FIT1047 fanboy, and Shakespeare hater, Gavin Douch to chat about living in Shepparton, turning spreadsheets into apps, and making the most out of University.