Gavin Douch: President & ACSA President

Gavin Douch

President & ACSA President
Vibhas Kamal: Vice President

Vibhas Kamal

Vice President
Kanako Bouyer: Secretary

Kanako Bouyer

Aaron Chao: Treasurer

Aaron Chao

Keaton Tang: General Representative

Keaton Tang

General Representative
Ryhan Joshi: General Representative

Ryhan Joshi

General Representative

Governed by the Constitution. Email the Committee.

Industry Subcommittee

Scott Yip: Industry Director

Scott Yip

Industry Director
Jonathan Lopez: Industry Secretary

Jonathan Lopez

Industry Secretary
Maureen Priscilla Rusli: Sponsorship Officer

Maureen Priscilla Rusli

Sponsorship Officer
Darcy Myring: Careers Officer

Darcy Myring

Careers Officer

Governed by the IndSub ToR. Email IndSub.

Publications Subcommittee

Devshi Janakantha: Publications Director

Devshi Janakantha

Publications Director
Michelle Oeum: Publications Secretary

Michelle Oeum

Publications Secretary
Ruoqi Wang: Podcast Team Member

Ruoqi Wang

Podcast Team Member
Tina Jiang: Newsletter Editor

Tina Jiang

Newsletter Editor
Zhou Kong: Social Media Officer

Zhou Kong

Social Media Officer
Sao Jun Hew: Social Media Officer

Sao Jun Hew

Social Media Officer
Currently recruiting. Click here to apply.

Governed by the PubSub ToR. Email PubSub.

Malaysia Chapter Board

Yi Chuan Tey: Vice Head

Yi Chuan Tey

Vice Head
Avantika Mishra: Administrator

Avantika Mishra

Zolyn Lang: General Constituent

Zolyn Lang

General Constituent
Lee Jian Hui: General Constituent

Lee Jian Hui

General Constituent

Governed by the Malaysia Charter. Email the Malaysia Chapter Board.

MCPC Executive Team

Jackson Goerner: President & Secretary

Jackson Goerner

President & Secretary
Ali Toosi: Vice President & Academic Representative

Ali Toosi

Vice President & Academic Representative
Amin Sakzad: Treasurer

Amin Sakzad


Governed by the MCPC Constitution. Visit website.

Education Subcommittee

Currently recruiting. Click here to apply.

Governed by the EduSub ToR.

Events Subcommittee

Currently recruiting. Click here to apply.

Governed by the EveSub ToR.